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Indian spice mixes


Ok! This is the garam masala recipe, I promised you guys, which my mum handed down to me!

It really is a magical spice mix with a beautiful aromatic aroma. It is usually added towards the end of the cooking period and will impart a great fresh taste, lovely colour and richness to your dishes. Use sparingly as it will easily over power other spices in your dishes. It also makes a lovely spice rub for barbecue type meats such as spareribs and is brilliant for spicy home made burgers (I tend to use turkey mince - they make lovely juicy burgers - try it!).

    100g black peppercorns
    100g coriander seeds
    50g cumin seeds
    25g cinnamon sticks
    25g cloves
    25g big brown cardamoms
    15g ginger powder

Roast all the spices separately in a frying pan over a very low flame for  a few seconds, making sure not to brown or burn the spices. Let the ingredients cool and grind each spice individually to a fine powder and then thoroughly mix all the ground spices  and store in a dark place.  

 By all means experiment with the quantities of the individual spices to suit your particular palate.


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