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red chilli peppers are a very common ingredient used by Indian caterers in Indian catering

Indian cooking pure and simple by the Indian chef

the Indian chef showing the team building members how to make kebabs

Who is the Indian chef?

Well, I was born in Kenya of Indian Sikh parents. I went to school in Dorset aged 17 and then on to University.

My passion for cooking started at an early age watching and trying to help my mother in the kitchen and later I became the "head chef" whilst at university, cooking for all the students in our house on a daily basis!

I have progressed since then to running an Indian themed pub in Somerset (UK) and now run an Indian catering and event planning business: Raja's Banquet.

Over the coming weeks I aim to show you that Indian cooking is not an exact science like baking, but instead, it is great fun: experimenting with different herbs and spices and cooking methods. In this way you begin to develop your own style and taste.

I cook with heart and soul and absolutely love it, I hope you will too!


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The Indian Chef cooking chicken curry and visiting a man sized bbq in Corfu!


The Indian chef cooking curry in CorfuThe Indian chef with the resident head chef Nico in Corfu 

 the indian chef visiting a man size bbq in CorfuThe indian chef tasting the delicious food


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