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Indian Wedding and Event Catering

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Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, our master chefs will cook all the dishes on the day of your function ensuring that the food is served at it's best.

Canapés / Starters

Mixed canapés, vegetarian and non vegetarian, make a perfect start to a banquet, be it a wedding reception or a special celebration. Crispy and spicy deep fried vegetable pakoras, marinated tandoori chicken tikka, fiery seekh kebabs, or something slightly unusual like fish or chicken pakoras or spiced mogo chips, can all be served with a range of dips to compliment the canapés. It brings an informal feel to the occasion allowing guests to mingle and chat whilst having a nibble and a leisurely drink.
Having tried our delicious canapés washed down with a drink or two of maybe mango lassi or something stronger and had a chance to catch up with friends and family, it is time for the main course!

Main Dishes

We find ourselves in an enviable position of having fully trained and skilled chefs who are able to cook absolutely fabulous dishes covering all of the traditional Indian regional dishes using different ingredients and cooking techniques.
Dhal makhani, tandoori dishes, kebabs, Amritsari fish and naan bread from the Punjab. Sambar, dosa masala and coconut based dishes - avial and Chettinad chicken from the South. Gujarati dishes, chilli paneer, patra, tuvar dhal, undhiyu, are all extremely popular.


No Indian banquet would be complete without a selection of chutneys, and quite rightly so! There is such a huge range of regional chutneys to choose from, varying  from region to region, some hot and spicy, others tangy or sweet and sour, to suit all tastes. We at Raja's Banquet have embraced this tradition and are acclaimed for our range of home made chutneys including the old favourites such as green mango and mint, coriander and green chillies, sweet and sour tamarind, coconut and chilli to name but a few. Why not request your own choice of chutneys to compliment your delicious banquet?
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